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Our special blend of oils, herbs, and resins are drawn from ancient Egyptian medicine and proven to aid in stronger, longer, and healthier hair.


The Ebers Papyrus provided many remedies to aid in hair loss, strength, health, and softness. Drawn from this ancient document, Satjya Natjrw formulated an effective product to improve the quality of the hair.

Lettuce oil is rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, B5, B6, C, E and minerals Calcium, Iron and Zinc. These are beneficial to prevent hair loss, stimulate hair growth, strengthen the hair shafts and maintain scalp health. Lettuce oil also protects the hair from damage by the sun, weather and hard water. Also, it is effective in softening dry and coarse hair and gives dull hair a healthy sheen. The Ebers Papyrus lists lettuce oil as an ingredient to encourage the growth of hair when applied to the scalp.

Fir oil contains several antimicrobial components that help treat and prevent some scalp conditions. Fir also contains natural antioxidants that assist with maintaining hair growth. The ancient Egyptians used fir oil as a hair growth tonic.

The Ebers Papyrus provided a specific formula of lotus, myrrh, cumin, juniper, and moringa oil as an effective treatment that “keeps hair and scalp in good condition in dry hot climate.” Modern dermatologists recommend all these ingredients for the scalp and hair. Lotus oil is promoted for its benefits in hair growth, damage repair, and early control of hair graying. Cumin is known to nourish hair follicles and scalp to potentially aid in the prevention of hair loss and dandruff. The inflammation reducing, antioxidant, and astringent qualities of juniper make for a benefit with dandruff and hair health. Moringa oil is suggested for dry and brittle hair from treatments and to moisturize, strengthen, and protect hair.

Directions: Shake well to agitate contents.  Massage into the hair and scalp after washing hair.

Ingredients: Lettuce Oil, Fir Oil, Egyptian Lotus Oil, Myrrh, Cumin, Juniper, Moringa Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Almond Oil


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  1. DeLora (verified owner)

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  2. Amanda Stout (verified owner)

    The cumin is very forward in the scent, but just a few drops of this tames the flyaways in my baby-fine hair. Very much worth the price!

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