Mendesian Ointment


Mendesian Ointment is a unique product for a maximum skin moisturizing and age defying treatment.


The ancient Egyptians mixed their fragrances with oils and butters to provide a luxurious ointment balm for skin and hair ravaged by the dry and arid weather of Egypt. The blend of Mendesian fragrance oil with other oils and butters provide moisturizing, age-defying, and skin repairing properties.

Myrrh is a natural resin extracted from the tree Commiphora Myrrha across the Middle East and parts of Africa. Like frankincense it is an antimicrobial. It is also widely used as an palliative for bruises, arthritis, sprains and toothaches. The ancient Egyptians used Myrrh as incense for their midday temple ritual, as well as medicinally.

Cinnamon is one of nature’s strongest antimicrobial, used extensively in dressings, and also a treatment for gum ulcers. In daily life, tishepes was burned and its oil utilized to permeate clothing and bedding with the scent as an aphrodisiac. It is utilized in many incense and oil perfumes and infused into soothing massage emollients for the body and feet.

Mendesian originated in Mendes; the Greek name of the Ancient Egyptian city of Djadut (Locality of Stability), also known in Ancient Egypt as Par Ba’nabdjadwt (The Domain of the Ram Lord of Djadut) and Inpat, is known today as Tell El-Ruba. This Nile delta city became the capitol of Ancient Egypt’s Late Period. Mendesian perfume was so popular for thousands of years, that it became known simply as ‘The Egyptian’ by Roman times.

Ba’anabdjadwt was the god of Mendes, who was consulted by the Divine Tribunal in the Judgment of Horus and Seth. Ptah, the creator god of Memphis, took the form of Ba’nabdjadwt in his form of virility in the conception of Ramesses II. It can be worn for creativity, virility, and a favorable court verdict.

Directions: Apply as an aftershave, lip balm, or wrinkle treatment, beard balm, and hair moisturizer.

Ingredients: myrrh resin, cinnamon, almond oil, grapeseed oil, olive oil, palm butter, shea butter, beeswax

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Satjya Natjrw – Scents of the Gods


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